Thursday, September 25, 2008

"CRASH" - Computers & Automobiles

Have you ever heard the word "CRASH"? Well I can safely say this has not been a good month for me, as my computer crashed the first part of September. Going to the library or friends homes to use their computers sure is no fun, but am appreciative that they were there for me. Okay, now I have a "new" computer (especially built for me and my uses), a 19 inch flat screen monitor, new keyboard and mouse, and a battery backup with a great surge protector too. My guru is even downloaded everything I had on my old computer into this new one and I still have so much storage that will probably last my kids lifetime too...LOL On the way back from picking up my new 'puter, we stopped and had a wonderful Oriental dinner (lunch at 2:00 pm), then on to WalMart to pick up some things and get gas for the car. Okay now we can finally go home - EXCEPT - we pulled away from the gas tanks and the card wouldn't go. OMGoondess, now what? My dh said that the gear shift wouldn't go into gear and was playing all over the place. So out to the gas station office we go, asked for a tow truck and repair service near there. and then had to sit and wait for over a half hour for the tow truck. The repairman (tow truck guy) opened the hood of the car and at least got the car so we could at least put it into drive to drive to his repair shop with him following in his tow truck. WHEW!!! We finally got back to our little town, parked the car at his shop, and now the waiting game of what this will cost. It was probably one of the most "expensive fun" days we have in awhile. Okay, now I'm back on line, got one of the cleanest houses in the "universe", got some card making done (will post some of them later), and have lost 5 pounds due to my "housecleaning" and walking the streets. Have a creative week, and leave a comment if you wish.