Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I've had my mojo leave me for awhile, and I think she's back as I've been creating this week.  The photo of the "little girls on the sewing machine" is a HIT (  http://www.heartsintouch.com ) stamp.  I colored this stamp with a light red (almost a pink), violet and blue with my DerWent water color pencils.  I sure like how they lay down on most any paper.  I cut this out and affixed it to pink card stock which was layered onto a violet (purple) card stock, and layered onto some "unknown" paper that I found in my stash.  This was all layered onto some dark blue card stock.  The word stamps are from Creative Cafe clear stamps by Hampton Art.

The "Garden Lady" stamp came from HIT (http://www.heartsintouch.com) as well.  I colored this art piece with greens, oranges (salmon colored) and purple from the DerWent water color pencils.  I outlined the image with a Gold Leafing Pen from Krylon  (http://www.krylon.com/ ) which you can find in any hardware &/or crafting store.  I cut this image out and layered it on a Glimmer Mist technique card stock that carried the same color theme as the image.  I then made a bow out of some organza ribbon and affixed that with a brad onto my card stock that I had deckle cut, and layered all atop a purple Cuttlebugged card stock.  Cuttlebug is a product of Provo Craft (http://www.provocraft.com/ ).


The last photo is from I Brake for Stamps (http://www.ibrakeforstamps.com ) as are the words.  I colored the image with my DerWent water color pencils, outlined it with Gold Leafing pen from the Krylon company (http://www.krylon.com/ ).  (I did the same with the word stamped image.) With the images colored I layered these upon some purple card stock and outlined these in the gold leafing pen.     I  then used my Fiskars edge punch that I bought from Wal Mart (I believe), to give the edge a bit of a "lacy look" on the purple card stock.  I then layered the images onto this purple card stock and viola' I was finished.

Now back to my creating table for some more fun and creativity.  Enjoy and I do hope you'll leave me a comment.  Until next time...

By the way, don't forget to hop on over to Erika Taylors Blog ( http://taylordconcepts.blogspot.com/ ) as she's having a "blogaversary" and the goodies she's giving away - WOW!!! 

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been surfing the blogspots and enjoy most all of them as I can get really inspired by their art and comments.  How about you - do you blog?  If not maybe you could at least enjoy the art on these blogs.  I just joined as a follower the Erica Taylor blog at http://taylordconcepts.blogspot.com/ because she does give me a lot of inspiration.  She has some wonderful tips and techniques, let alone the art that she shares. 

There are other blogs that I belong to and someday I'll list them in a writing here.  Sooooo,

After viewing her site, I am now going back to my table to hopefully create something very artful in hopes that it'll get published or at the least be a nice artful swap.  Thanks for looking and until the next time.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Old man winter has really hit my part of Arkansas heavily this year.  For a week and a half, and into a couple more weeks, we've  had 20 to 30 degrees F. lower temperatures.  I couldn't help myself but wanting to share with you all, of course realizing that more northern states and Canada have it a lot worse than we can imagine. 

I had to find some beauty in this frigid area and it was found right in my yard. The first photo shows only "some" of the Cardinals that dart back and forth between the bushes (which are in reality, lilacs), and the bird feeder.  We enjoy watching them most of the morning and into the evening at times and how they "share" their food.  Of course there are other birds too, but they are the prettiest against the white "snow". 

My husband likes to be kept busy, and in the second photo you see him shoveling the snow off of our driveway.  This is something he thought he had left behind in 1993, but alas when you move from a "warm" climate like Arizona to what we thought was a "gentle" four seasons climate you really go back in time to what  you had when we were all younger...LOL.

Ah, yes, Old Man Winter, you can take your leave now, and in fact I think he has overstayed his welcome.  For me it is back to my studio to create and keep warm.  Until next time.