Saturday, January 24, 2009


Its been quite awhile since I posted, but I do have a really great "excuse" for not doing it...LOL Between my having the shingles and being in quite a bit of pain, and then finding out that my dh is so very ill with a very progressive disease, I haven't felt like creating. Over on Inky Fun Stampers ( ) we have a Mixed Media Challenge of "Trash to Treasure", and well being the list owner I just had to try the challenge to get my mind occupied. I started out with an empty cereal box, now you know what I eat for breakfast...LOL. The following is how I did it:

1) Measure down 1" from the top flaps to make "handles";

2) Make a 3" circle by measuring 2" from either side;

3) Make the circle and then make "marks" 1" around circle; 4) After you have all of your measurements marked, then remove the flaps;
5) Cut on the marks that you made previously, and cut out the circle;
6) Measure around the outside of the box and then cut wrapping paper to fit having an 1/2" overlap in the width, and 1" overlap at length (bottom to top - you can always cut away the extra paper if need be);

7) Cut a hole in wrapping paper that is approximately 1/2 the size of the 3" circle for the "handles" (if you use a "light" you will see where to cut);

8) Finish making all of the cuts, then glue (I used spray adhesive) the wrapping paper to the box being sure to "line up" the holes;

9) Cut slits in the wrapping paper around the circle (this is to give you a smooth look for the handles).

10) Glue and fold the "slit paper" to the inside of the handle parts;
11) On the bottom of the box, fold up the paper to make a nice "seam" and glue or tape in place;

12) To make a more "finished" look, I cut a 2" wide strip of wrapping paper to glue to the inside of the box to "cover" up the "slit paper" remains;

13) Then stuff the inside of the box with tissue paper and place a small gift (or cards) inside.

Viola' you are finished and have used some "trash" to make a "treasure".

I do hope you will try this yourself, and then post your creativity here. Thanks for looking.