Sunday, December 28, 2008


Okay I realize Valentine Day is a couple of months away, but.... I've done all of the New Years Cards that I'm going to do, so why not think ahead!!! On the table are my Cuttlebug Folders, new & old, and out of site is my Wizard that I use with these folders. Just to the left of the basket of folders are "some" of the cutouts I've been making in anticipation of completing Valentine cards in the near future. I was having so much fun with the cutting out, that I almost forgot to make dinner. That is of course when Ed and our doggie, Molly, came into my studio to ask what's to eat? Try to explain how much fun you were having to someone that doesn't really "get it" - this hobby of mine. I did manage to make a pork chop dinner. I browned a couple of large pork chops, made some dressing, and placed all of this in an 8 x 8 inch pan. Then I poured Mushroom soup atop and put it in the oven along with some escalloped corn that I whipped up. Yes, I wanted to get back to playing so that's why it's in the oven and not in the microwave baking...LOL. There is a method of madness for us stampers isn't there? This afternoon I want to get my Melting Pot and UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) out and have some play time with that and some roller stamps. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by and return again.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm hoping that creating New Year Cards, that the New Year will be a "new beginning" for us all.
To make the cards you see in the photos I used my Cuttlebug Folders. 1) The one on the left (& the far right) I used the "D'vine Swirl" folder on white card stock. 2) I then cut my red sparkly (shopping bag) card stock into diamond shapes and affixed them atop the white card stock. 3) I used the champagne glass's clear stamps by "Clear Expressions by Hampton Art" and stamped them with Memories Black ink and embossed them with Ranger clear embossing powder on some white card stock. 4) To color them, I used "gold H2O's on the glasses. 5) To give the look of liquid in the glasses I placed some Royal Coat by Plaid, Dimensional Magic on half of the glasses. 6) I punched out the corners of this white card stock with my punch from SU, and viola' 2 finished New Years cards.
The blue snowflake New Years card was made as follows: 1) White card stock embossed with Cuttlebug Folder "Snowflakes". 2) A spritz or two of shiny blue mists (this was a homemade recipe) was added to the white card stock. 3) The cuttlebug folder "Allegro" was used on the blue card stock. 4) The blue card stock was also misted with the shiny blue mist and cut out in a diamond pattern. 5) The diamond Allegro points were then affixed to the white card stock with glue. 6) A purchased "snowflake" was painted with white acrylic paint by Painters Medium from Elmer's) and while the paint was still wet, it was sprinkled with glitter (unknown kind). 7) Happy New Year words from Anna Griffin of All Night Media was stamped on white card stock and affixed with a foam dot to the snowflake. Viola' another New Year card finished. Now to do several (many many more in fact) more.
Here's wishing you and yours a very prosperous, fun & creative Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Okay I don't like ice as it is hazardous for man & beast alike. BUT... it did give me an excuse to be in my playroom for the past couple of days.
I'm standing in my living room looking outside at the ice that we had which started Monday and is now pretty much gone today - Thursday, due to the warmer climate. We have not received any mail for the past several days, and thank goodness we have a well stocked pantry and freezer. Speaking of which I will have to re-stock as I've been cooking again and freezing those meals. Today I made "Sausage & Lentil Stew". I can never remember having lentils before, so this was something new to me and I found out that they are delicious so I will be having them on hand from now on.
The photo of the Christmas cards is "some" of the cards that I have made. I have had fun trying to come up with different ideas, but with my not so crafty brain it is hard. Thanks to a gal called "Becca" on she has given me a lot of good ideas for "next" Christmas. This woman has come up with some of the neatest looking cards and Not One is alike. Now that is what I call a very crafty woman.
Please enjoy this post and return when you get a chance. Thanks for looking.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Our Diabetes Support Group meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. This month was special as we celebrated Christmas, and the topic of discussion was how to "De-stress" during these very happy but yet stressful holidays.
Jo Schatzman & Janice Sula, a couple of ladies in our group, were listening to Fran Gray explain how to "de-stress" during these stressful holidays. One way is to do some exercises as Fran was explaining. It was a very good topic and lots of discussion on how to "de-stress" to help us through our stressful times, including but not limited to holidays.
All the members had brought a dish to pass (potluck), and after our meeting we all enjoyed the "yummy" food that was prepared. Cooking the "diabetic" way should be a "must" for everyone, as it is the most healthiest way. The camaraderie and support of our group sure makes being a diabetic, or a person with health problems, not only a healthy way mentally, but physically also for our everyday happenings.
After the "clean-up" my husband and I took a "short winters nap" along with our little fur baby, Molly.
Our next support group meeting will be January 8th, 10:00 a.m. at the Senior Center, and we're hoping to have our group grow in strength and numbers. Here's wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and a creative, fun, safe and prosperous Happy New Year. Thank you for reading & leaving a comment.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Despite Ed and I having colds etc. we have managed to decorate our home inside and out. We even signed up for the "best decorated home" in Horseshoe Bend, so wish us luck. Ed still has the "hacking" cough, and when we took him to the doctor this past Friday, all the doctor said was that his lungs sounded "wet", due to the "crackling" noise he was hearing. But according to the doctor, he said the xrays and blood tests didn't show pneumonia, so that is a good thing - I guess. I did throw a "hissy fit" and got his pulmonary appointment changed to the end of the month instead of in February, and I said I didn't like that date either, but the pulmonologist is booked solid, so I guess that is better than waiting or none at all. Ed did get two inhalers and another anti-biotic to take as well as a water pill. Sometimes I think all doctors can do is to write prescriptions, but maybe these will help, at least I'm praying so. I am really concerned about Ed as he usually is "Mr. Macho", but that isn't showing its head this time. In the meantime, I've been planning a Diabetic Support Group Christmas get together at my home for this coming Thursday. Since the house is all decorated, all I have to do is to bake some Terriyaki Wings (oh yummy good) and get some festive plates, cups, and napkins and we're set to go. The rest of the group are bringing a dish to pass, so this should be less stressful on everyone concerned. I made the gifts for everyone out of emptied, washed cleaned with hot soapy water, Del Monte sliced peach cans with the pop-top openings (or whatever cans you find available with "Pop-Top" lids). If you'd like to try this, just follow these easy steps: 1) You use the can opener that cuts from the side and doesn't leave sharp edges, to cut the bottom from the cans; 2) you then fill these cans with your chosen goodies (in this case it was filled with "sugar free" candies); 3) you then Hot glue the bottom back onto the can (be sure the bottom is completely glued in); 4) then you wrap each can in the fashion of your choice (I can't wrap anything worth a darn, but I tried); 5) tie a ribbon or bow around it and viola' you're finished. The Christmas ornament that is hanging from the package (can), is one I made for each of the guests by: 1) pull the ornaments hanging clip from the ball itself and lay aside; 2) spray adhesive spray into a clear ornament ball; 3) quickly add glitter and shake to cover the inside; 4) if you want to add dimension (or color), then you spray the adhesive spray again into the ornament and quickly add some mica powder of your choice, and shake again; 5) shake any excess powder &/or glitter from the ball and reattach the hanging clip. Viola' you have a one of a kind Christmas ornament. I do hope you all will try these ideas, as they are inexpensive gifts for you to make and to give, and during these hard economy times, we have to think and do what is best for our pocket books. I hope you have enjoyed this article and will return again. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to one and all.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well the weather man sure has played a mean trick on us here in AR. We are suppose to be in the "southern" states, but it is so cold here that we have even caught head/chest colds. Bahhh Hum Bug!!! We enjoyed a very quiet Thanksgiving with me being in bed or at least laying down for the most part to "heal" from my aches and pains of this cold. We took my dear husband to the doctor this past week and found out that he has an enlarged heart, and it is pressing against his lungs which in turn makes him breathe in a rather shallow way. Of course that triggers a "tickle" in his throat so he is sore and has aches and pains from this condition. He is suppose to go and see a Pulmonologist in February, but I think I'm going to call the doctor on Monday to see if he can't get in sooner as he is not getting any better. He's been on some pretty strong anti-biotics but they don't seem to be working. I'm really getting concerned for him. He did get to talk to his grandson that is in the Marine Corps and his grandson that is attending college at Iowa State University. Both boys are doing great and dh really felt good after speaking with them. I had to do most of the talking as he started to cough again, and when that happens he coughs quite a long time. Both boys (brothers) were home to visit their families over the Thanksgiving Holidays, and we sure wish we could have been there to see them. I should go and get some rest, but my crafting table is calling to me, as well as this blog needs some more eye candy uploaded to it so I shall go and play a bit more. Enjoy and have a creative weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A nap will do me wonders...LOL I awoke with some vigor and made these two ornaments. The one in "blue" was my first one so I call it my "prototype". The second one makes up the "center" of this one. The cone shapes on this one were 3 inch squares attached to a "recycled" CD. The center of this blue one was done with 1 1/2 inch squares to make up the cones. I then affixed these to a circle of blue scrap card stock, which then was attached to the larger (outer one) with foam tape. In the center of all of this I affixed a silver paper with a blue card stock on top of it. Okay, now I like this look so onward to something else.
I have had two "glitzy" huge shopping bags (one red and one green) that I have had for at least 5 years just hanging around in my crafting closets, sooooooooooooo I put them to use. My husband was nice enough to measure and cut very carefully these shopping bags so I can get the most use out of each of them. (He is soooooooooooo handy to have around, and he puts up with my "...honey I have a project for you plllleeeezzzzzeeeee...") Hence I made the green ornament from a shopping bag. This one was made with 1 3/4 inch squares attached to some green card card stock then it was all attached to a CD. I felt it needed something so I deckle cut a white circle then atop that I attached a green circle, and viola' it was done.
These ornaments and as many more as I can make between now and Saturday morning, will be given to my Diabetic/Health Wellness Support Group to decorate a Christmas tree that will be placed in our local Hotel Hill High to be judged by our community. Saturday morning our group is meeting at our home to complete these ornaments with health items, diabetic items, &/or exercise items. Wish me luck to get enough of them done. Well, back to making more ornaments. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


Today was a day that I went to my Chiropractor and now I really feel great. I even feel lots better now that I'm sitting in "my room" creating. I received from Debbie Littlejohn of Reasonable Ribbon ( ) some absolutely gorgeous ribbon. After creating the Santa Claus, it just needed something and yep - the red velvet ribbon just hit the spot. With the "snowflake" Cuttlebug folder, I created the card, then stamped the Santa Clause stamp (unknown origin), colored it with water colors using my Derwent water color pencils (love these pencils), and affixed Santa with foam tape to the snowflake card. The scan does not do this card justice. While I'm in playing, my dear husband is outside having fun with the "zillions" of leaves that are on the ground. He'll have to come in soon as lunch is almost ready, and he'll have to get permission from the City to burn the leaves. Of course there is always time for a well deserved nap, and his leaves and my playing are just going to have to wait. Once I get up after resting, look out ribbons here I come.

Monday, November 17, 2008


In between taking an AARP driving seminar (to lesson our car insurance), I've been able to play with some of my Christmas stamps. I did manage to "salvage" a Wal Mart Glitter Acrylic Squish technique I tried. I had these cute little House Mouse stamps so on they went on the technique card. Somehow, those little critters just happen to scream out at me to put them there...LOL
The "Noel" card (stamp from I Brake for Stamps - ) is made with Alcohol Inks on Glossy card stock (Caramel & Cranberry with Gold alcohol inks) and "smooshed" onto my work sheet. I then ran this through my Wizard and Snowflake Cuttlebug folder. The "Noel" stamp is stamped on pinkish/red card stock with white embossing powder from Martha Stewart's line of ink pads, and sprinkled with glitter and heat set. This was placed atop a square of white card stock. I then randomly affixed three pewter looking snowflakes to complete the card. I have done about 18 more Christmas cards all with different techniques and ideas, and I still have a lot more to go.
I hope you are enjoying my attempts at this Rubber Stamping Art and will come back to take a peek now and again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


After an exhausting day yesterday, I took time to play this afternoon. I made this Christmas card - simple, but quick. Yesterday I had to take my husband to Jonesboro AR to the hospital for an Echo Gram. We started out early in the morning, went to Target first, and the first thing I did was to hit the dollar aisle and found several wonderful crafting items. One of the items I found were some Christmas cookie cutters that I can use with my melting pot - see Suze Weinberg of . I haven't had my melting pot out for awhile and I'm hoping I remember how to use it so I can make Suze proud of me...LOL After Target we went to the hospital for my husbands test, which didn't last long enough for me to even get out all of my coloring toys. (I take pre-stamped images along to color while I wait for someone - it whiles away the time, plus it starts up some great conversations). We then went on to Hobby Lobby where I found some marvelous new toys to play with, plus some much needed replenishes to my paper stock...LOL. We of course had to stop at the Lowes store, and wouldn't you know it, they don't carry the Ryobi leaf blower replacement bag. I think my poor husband is devastated as he's been gerry-rigging this leaf blower for the past year. Maybe Santa will hear his plea and find one on line for him. It was a heavenly day, but for the rain. It rained and I'm not talking about a steady rain, I'm talking about a downpour. We drove all the way to Jonesboro (which by the way is about 2 hours from our home) in it, had to run between the raindrops to get into the stores and back out again. We finally arrived back home with our great purchases (trunk full), amidst fog. My poor husband who did all of the driving was wore out from being so tense, so he went to bed quite early. Can't say I blame him though. It is now my bedtime tonight as I have a huge running day again tomorrow. Hope you all have a creative weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I got up to a cancelled Chiropractic appointment, plus it was raining, just a dismal day. What to do? I came into my studio and decided that I should get my Christmas cards started. On Inky Fun Stampers, , we have a swap that calls for using non-traditional colors for a Christmas card. Once I got started with this, it seemed I was hooked. I dug out all of my Christmas stamps and the first one I saw was the "Holiday Snow globe Rubber Stamp Set" by Plaid Enterprises ( ). Well, you know if you have a globe you just have to cut out the center of the globe and replace that with an acetate sheet to see through. I really didn't want to make a Shaker card, so what to do. 1) gather a non-traditional color of card stock; 2) stamp the globe in black Memories ink, and emboss with clear embossing powder on the front of the card as well as another same size/color as the front of the card; 3) color the base with Derwent Water color pencils; 4) cut out circle (or if you have a punch that size that would be better) in front of card and also the single piece being sure you have "lined" up the globe holes; 5) cut out a small circle (slightly larger than the globe hole) from acetate (clear transparency) and glue this over the hole; 6) Glue in place your single sheet that you have prepared in step 2, by carefully aligning the single sheet on the reverse side of the front of the card stock; 7) stamp snowman with clear Versa Mark ink on a calendar page full of purple flowers, and then sprinkle embossing glitter and heat set; 8) Stamp your "Greetings of the Season" in purple ink and emboss; 9) Stamp the words "Happy Holidays" on the inside of your card below the snowman with purple ink and emboss; 10) affix ribbon with E6000 glue (good holding power) onto the base of the globe; 11) encircle the globe with "Icicle" Stickles glitter glue; and viola' you're done. This is how both cards were made. I must say these are a bit time consuming but really look nice - if I may pat myself on my own back...LOL Thanks for looking and enjoy a creative week.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The photos of the above are of the "Acrylic Squish" technique that can be found on Inky Fun Stampers - Technique File ( ). The one on the left is using red green and yellow Washable Acrylic Glitter Paints from Wal Mart as is the one on the right except I used purple orange and green paints. The "sparkles" or bits of white or gold flecks are the "glitter" in the paint. As the name implies, you put down some acrylic paint on a sheet of glossy card stock, and then take another sheet of glossy card stock and place this on top of the paint and squish the two sheets together and then pull apart (which gives you the ripple effect). I'm not sure what I'll be doing with them, but for now they are just sitting and drying. I'll make up my mind after they are dry. If you have any suggestions for them, give me a shout. Have a creative day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ah yes, fall is in the air and I've been
creating fall cards.
The "brown" one was created by spritzing Walnut Ink by Tsukineko ( ) on white card stock. In the middle I stamped a maple leaf in black Memories Ink and clear embossing powder, then cut out the leaf up to the embossed edges. (I did not have a leaf punch hence the stamping, embossing and cutting.) On another piece of white card stock I taped 5 different colors of ribbon and attached this to the back of the Walnut Inked card stock. I then stamped leaves on orange card stock and some left over Walnut Ink card stock, cut them out and glued them onto the card stock. I then applied a ribbon (From Seasons Bobbin Ribbon) that says "Autumn Leaves" with different orange colored leaves on it, and also placed a clip embellishment onto the ribbon and attached all with E6000 glue. I then affixed all of this to a white card. I made several of these cards to mail out to friends & family.
The next card I made was a "business type card"...LOL I stamped the card stock with the stamp by Stampers Happen, Inc. ( ) called "Amish" which takes a bit of doing as it is a largish stamp. To color the scene I used my water color pencils by Derwent ( ) and I really enjoy using these pencils as I can get a lot or as little color as I wish to use. After coloring the stamped image I affixed it with double sided tape to an orange card stock and then onto the white card. I off set the so I could add a "silk leaf" that I purchased from the Dollar Store, and over the leaf I added the ribbon of Autumn Leaves as listed above.
Simple cards, but the message to my family and friends on the inside is heart felt from myself and my husband. I hope you enjoy what I have created.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


WOW, what a long time ago (or so it seems) that I've made an entry here. Between listing our home for sale (again), having four of our daughters visit, and then doing some remodeling of our home (new patio doors & a couple new windows), we then proceeded to come down with the flu bug. I got it first - past it on to my dear husband, and of course we had to share it again. Sooooo, to make this short - I've not been at my computer let alone my crafting table.
This past week has been a very busy one, but I did manage to squeeze in some play time. On Inky Fun Stampers ( ) we have a "stamping challenge" presented by Susan Chong, and this months challenge is Christmas Ornaments. I have uploaded the "clear glitter and the red ink" ornaments I have made. They sure don't show well in these photos, but hopefully you can tell what I was trying to accomplish. It was fun making them, even though it was a bit "messy"...LOL
I also made a couple of cards - the floral one is part of a "make ten" group of cards. The flowers are from an old calendar page, and I used some of my "new" lace as a type of background. I have so many old calendars that I'm trying to come up with new ways to use them. Got any suggestions, I'm listening.
The Polar Bear card I used a holographic glossy card stock and I spread embossing fluid on it, then I spread some clear embossing powder atop that and heat set it. I did this about three more times, so I could get the "crackle" finish to it. I stamped the polar bears from I Brake For Stamps onto a sheet of white paper and tried highlighting different spots on them. I then proceeded to cut out some "snow flakes" from some card stock that I purchased from a store keeper in Mountain Home. The "flag" I hand drew and colored in. I attached white ribbon to the bottom of the card as an appearance of an ice flow. This card isn't my favorite, but it is an experimentation of the Cracked Look (can't think of the original name). Plus you can't tell, but in different spot on this card some of the embossing didn't take so there are patches that look like "ice flows" (if you use your imagination...) LOL.
Well I do hope you will come back and visit and leave me a note. Thank you for looking.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"CRASH" - Computers & Automobiles

Have you ever heard the word "CRASH"? Well I can safely say this has not been a good month for me, as my computer crashed the first part of September. Going to the library or friends homes to use their computers sure is no fun, but am appreciative that they were there for me. Okay, now I have a "new" computer (especially built for me and my uses), a 19 inch flat screen monitor, new keyboard and mouse, and a battery backup with a great surge protector too. My guru is even downloaded everything I had on my old computer into this new one and I still have so much storage that will probably last my kids lifetime too...LOL On the way back from picking up my new 'puter, we stopped and had a wonderful Oriental dinner (lunch at 2:00 pm), then on to WalMart to pick up some things and get gas for the car. Okay now we can finally go home - EXCEPT - we pulled away from the gas tanks and the card wouldn't go. OMGoondess, now what? My dh said that the gear shift wouldn't go into gear and was playing all over the place. So out to the gas station office we go, asked for a tow truck and repair service near there. and then had to sit and wait for over a half hour for the tow truck. The repairman (tow truck guy) opened the hood of the car and at least got the car so we could at least put it into drive to drive to his repair shop with him following in his tow truck. WHEW!!! We finally got back to our little town, parked the car at his shop, and now the waiting game of what this will cost. It was probably one of the most "expensive fun" days we have in awhile. Okay, now I'm back on line, got one of the cleanest houses in the "universe", got some card making done (will post some of them later), and have lost 5 pounds due to my "housecleaning" and walking the streets. Have a creative week, and leave a comment if you wish.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have been quite busy harvesting some of the fall garden produce, and the photo to the right shows some of my 'hard work'. I have baked acorn squash with butter & brown sugar, baked 2 loaves of zucchini bread, made and baked stuffed green peppers, and finally baked a dozen blueberry muffins. Of course I had to pick one of the "hottest" days to do all of this, but thanks to fans, air conditioning and a dear husband (who kept doing up all of the dishes and making lunch whilst I was doing this).
Yes, you're right, you can't create cards or other paper crafts while you are baking. Don't ask me as blueberry stains just don't come out of paper!!!! I suppose I could have soaked the card stock in some watered smashed blueberries - hmmmmmmmmmmmm, now why didn't I think of that while I was doing the muffins - Duh!!!! Oh, well, there will be a next time I'm sure and when it happens you'll be the first to know. If you would like any of these yummy recipes, just e-mail me at and I'll be glad to oblige you. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Wow, I haven't posted in almost 1 1/2 weeks. Must be slipping. Not!!!! Just been running to the doctors, having tests done, and now the reports are starting to trickle in. My EKG is normal, I have diabetes, which I already knew, my cholesterol etc. is way out of whack, and a few other minor things is wrong. So what's knew?!!!! I'm now on diabetic medicine, which I have been on for some time but I think I'll see if that can change as he thinks my levels are too high - so we'll have to see what happens there. He put me on some meds to lower the cholesterol etc., and we'll have to see what the results are after a month. He did set me up with his nurse practitioner to go over my eating habits etc. - this should be interesting to say the least. Although I will say I've been a good girl, and am trying to do even better. He also has put me on an anti-depressant med and I think it is too strong as I can't even function with the smallest of tasks. Thank goodness for a dh as sometimes he does all of the cooking and housework for me. We'll have to see about this med for me, as I think it not only is too strong for me, but the side effects are a killer. Well, I'm going to try to create today, so I'll share with you when I have something done. Thank you for looking.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today has been a dull drum kind of day. Gloomy then sunny, but very humid. It has been a welcomed cool kind of past two days, then today came along and I thought for me it is just best to stay in, turn up the fans and the dehumidifier, and create to my hearts content.
I happen to see an "origami" style card and decided I needed to try this. These are my interpretations of that card I saw. On my web site of Inky Fun Stampers ( ) we have a lot of fun trying new techniques in our swaps. One of the swaps is "Summertime" - create your art using flowers, so I think this will fit the bill for that swap, plus one extra one. These were rather easy to make once I got the measurements down. The inside of the (green - bottom card) seems a bit larger than I really wanted it, so I "adjusted" the measurements and came up with the top (pink card). I had to "color" the flower on the pink card as it just didn't seem like it should be "plain white"...LOL
The paper I used on the pink card I made by using tissue paper adhered with spray adhesive on a white card stock. I have a lot of different styles and colors of tissue paper and this is one way to create with what you have. On the green card I used a double sided paper from in the "birdie collection" named peacock. This paper seemed a bit heavier and harder to crease even though I was using my Scor-it. Okay, onward to my next artistic endeavors.
I had some scraps of the Pearlized Gesso Technique found in the August 2008 Technique Junkies Newsletter and a lightbulb went off - make a couple of ATC's. The "dance" ATC was created using the Faux Cloisonne Technique which can be found here: then adhered to the background with art glitter glue ( ) This glue dries clear and fairly quickly is the reason I love this stuff. Well that was pretty easy and quickly done since I already had the images pre-stamped and pre-cut. The images are from Della Warr and I Brake For Stamps.
The next ATC background was done on the Pearlized Gesso Technique also. The pear was also done with the Faux Cloisonne Technique and adhered with the art glitter glue. The pear stamp I believe came from Frances Naeve of Hearts in Touch. I really don't remember as I have re-mounted some of my stamps and "forgot" to list the company's name. That is a big no-no in my book, so if Frances is looking in I do apologize for this oversight, and thank you for the EZ Mount system that you have on your website of Hearts in Touch ( ).
I had fun creating these and I do hope you enjoy viewing them. I now have to shut my craft room down and return to the reality of a wife and cooking dinner. Then it is onward to watching the Olympics. Please leave a comment if you care to as this is how I learn - from you.

Friday, August 15, 2008


My cousin, Lois came to visit me this past weekend and it was a blast from the past, so I owe her a Thank You for making the 12 hour trek to my home all by herself. (More nerves of steal than me....LOL) I thought she deserved a "special" card as she is so special to me, and we have shared so very much in our lives. I hope she will enjoy it. I tried the Shimmering Resist that is listed in the August 2008 issue of the Technique Junkie Newsletter ( ) and I am pleasantly pleased how it came out. The Flourish stamp that I used came from Clear Stamps by rhonna farrer, Autumn Leaves, a Division of Creativity, Inc., Van Nuys, CA. I bought these clear stamps while I was in AZ, and I don't remember the name of the place I purchased these, but I sure have used them a lot. The ink I used is Petal Point Magenta from Color Box - Arboretum set. The spray ink I used was "homemade" with reinkers and alcohol with a bit of Adirondack "pearl" mixed in. The background is made by stamping with Versa Mark and clear (or white) embossing powder. It sure came out shimmery, just like my cousin's personality.
The other thank you card that I needed to make is for my hair dresser. I
don't ordinarily make a thank you card for my hairdressers, but she
did such a marvelous job and very patient with me while I was answering questions of what I was doing with my hands, by herself and other patrons. I have a take-a-long bag full of stamped images and my Derwent Water color pencils, that I color while I need to be "patient" or "quiet" (which is hard for me to do so this is my salvation). She too has a sparkling personality so I tried the "Pearlized Gesso" in the August 2008 Technique Junkies Newsletter ( ). The stamp that I used came from I Brake For Stamps ( ). The "thank you" stamp I don't know where I purchased that from - sorry.
After applying the Gesso and Pearl Ex, letting it dry, I was pleasantly surprised how it turned my card stock into what felt like "canvas". With the Pearl Ex it sure made it shiny and the cross hatch pattern pop. It was a "messy" project, but it turned out to be very fun one to do. Yep, I'll get over my "messy" hang-up if it kills me...LOL Thanks Pat Huntoon for having the newsletter.
I hope you all will enjoy my endeavors and leave a comment or suggestion. Have a creative week.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


After learning that I should have been going to an Internist Doctor instead of Family practitioner, I'm finally getting all of the tests that I should have had before. Oh, well I'm now on to enjoying my "naked ladies".
The Arkansan's call this type of lily the "Naked Lady" and the folklore that goes with it is quite funny. It is something about when a male spouse dies the widow plants these on his grave. Not sure what the context of the message is, and maybe I shouldn't know...LOL In the spring these plants come up as a very pretty green bush with lush green slender leaves. Then about mid May the greenery dies and a couple months later or so, a slender stalk that reminds me of a white asparagus stalk comes up and pretty soon you have these gorgeous lilies. Like I said, I'm not sure of the meaning of the word Naked Ladies for these flowers, and please don't ask me what their floral names are as I don't know that either. All I know for sure is that I really enjoy their beauty and protect them as much as possible from our pesky city pets - Deer.
Today I have a diabetic support group meeting at 10:00 a.m. so I'd better go and get dressed for that. I really enjoy these meetings as they are quite informative not only of diabetes itself, but for the health dangers this disease has for us, and how to stay as healthy as possible. Thank you for taking this peek at my ramblings, and if so inclined, please leave a message.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


If I spent the rest of my time trying to recreate the "original" of this card, I'd probably not have enough days to do it. The "digitally" created one I will admit it a much prettier one because of all of the "overlays" etc. you can create . If nothing else I have showcased "some" of my flowers in some of my flower gardens and I got a lot of satisfaction out of just that aspect. I hope you will enjoy looking at the flowers too. Have a wonderful and creative day today and leave a comment if you wish. Thank you.


After scurrying around this past week with Inky Fun Stampers business - come join the "inky fun" at: - I finally got around to taking a photo of some flowers in my garden and making the "old fashioned" challenge. As the heading above says, "close but no cigar", as I noticed in the original the photo covered the "whole" of the card stock with just a bit of the photo covered with vellum and the Apache saying. OOOOP'ssss. So back to the drawing board for me and I'll have to post a closer looking card. Sooooooooo, stay tuned to this station as I'm bound and determined to get this done properly...LOL

Friday, August 1, 2008


I happen to come upon a gorgeous digitally enhanced card that was created by Annapurna Jones (see comments), made the comment to her that I thought it was gorgeous and that I was going to try and make it the "old fashioned" way - with papers and a photo of my garden. This wonderful young lady accepted my challenge and to the right you will see her gorgeous outcome. Annapurna, if you're reading this I thank you for such beauty. To answer your question as well as others, I just haven't had the time to try and do my own challenge. I have made a promise to myself that if I "open my mouth and insert foot (feet)" I will keep that promise...LOL Now to go and fix dinner and hopefully find a suitable photo to try and recreate what she so beautifully has done both digitally and in "reality" before this weekend is out. What a great work of art even when she said she had made an error on the card - I personally think it is perfect and if the person receiving it doesn't want it I'll take it....LOL Thank you for reading my Blog, leave a comment if you wish, and have a very creative weekend.


Have you ever ventured into your dh's workshop or garage? It can be a very scary place for a female type person...LOL Yesterday I did exactly that and I got some very sticky fingers as I "lifted" his "self stick tape for sheet rock". (I think we rubber stampers call it 'mesh tape'.) Crept back to my room, placed it on my table, and wouldn't you know it but got caught...Darn! After explaining what I wanted to use it for he said, "...I have a "small roll" of it out there that you can have..." yep, wouldn't you just know it. After applying the tape to my card stock I sprayed all of it with Walnut Ink (antiquing solution) by Tsukineko. Note to self: Don't over spray next time. I then stamped my image which is from I Brake for Stamps and can be found at: , colored the image with my Derwent water color pencils, which can be seen here: , then I mounted the image on some brown card stock (unknown type) which then was mounted on white card stock and affixed to the sprayed larger card stock. The word of "Friends" (Everyday Object Alphabet Stickers) came from the Dollar Store here in my hometown. Now I'm off to practice spraying this marvelous ink on another "texture" card making, and finish my "garden card". Enjoy, and please leave a goor or bad comment if you wish.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On a blog I like to visit ( ) I found the following challenge for myself and hopefully you'll challenge yourself to do it with me. It is located about half way down the page on the following blog site:
If you have the digital capabilities you can do it that way - but I thought I would try it the "hard" way...LOL. Will you join me and then we'll post our entries here.
This is what I will be doing: I’m going to print out a photo image of my garden, then taking a piece of vellum and printing the saying on it (see the following) and then placing it on top of the photo so the garden will show through. Then completing it by adding a silk flower. I hope this works out...LOL Now to go and play. Until next time, please leave a comment.
May the Sun bring you new energy by day May the moon softly restore you by night May the rain wash away your worries May the breeze blow new strength into your being May you walk through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life (An Apache blessing)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


It is soooooo Humid and Hot here in AR that I am staying in. I think my health is a bit more important than trudging into weather that you can't breathe. Let alone you perspire as if you just stepped out of the shower and didn't dry off before putting your clothes on. Well you get the picture (and it's not a very pretty one either...LOL)
So what have I been doing by staying in you ask? Well, I just Had to do some housework, YUCK, then it was time to fix our Dinner (we've been eating our big meal at noon). It was a simple one of Fried Eggplant, fresh homegrown tomatoes, and canned peas. Yummy. This is probably one of my all time favorite summer dishes, and really good for me too.
While my dh and our doggie (Molly) took their naps, I had a chance to play. The two ATC's were so much fun to make. I had used some of the background papers that I have in my "stash". These particular backgrounds were made by making my own spray washes with PE and water, and I'll be if they didn't turn out looking good...(patting myself on the back). I then stamped the the words "its a boy" or "its a girl" on the perspective backgrounds. Then for some "frustration" - making those little tiny paper diapers, let alone trying to put a safety pin through paper. I forgot, yes forgot how to make an old fashioned 3 corner diaper (after all my kids you wouldn't have thought I would have forgot). I thought in case these should ever be sent out to someone who will be having a baby, I stamped and cutout with deckle scissors the word "Congratulations".
I saw my Wizard machine looking so forlorn and sad, that I thought I should make it happy by getting my Cuttlebug folders out and having some fun with that too. I chose to use the "Happy Birthday" one and then used a corresponding ink from Colorbox Petal Points to "highlight" the words. I then chose the Indian with Baby from I Brake for Stamps as the perfect "happy birth-day" image. I didn't think that was enough so I chose a similar looking fiber and attached that to the card. Whew, that one is done and I like how it came out.
The "Hello Friend" card was me trying to use up some of my "scraps" that I have in a basket near me. No real challenge on this one "except" I got the 'brilliant' idea of making "half inchies" to set the card off. Have you ever tried to cut, glue, etc. one half inch pieces? Let me tell you, with a few well chosen words to myself of "...why Audrey did you think of this...?" I managed to get them stuck on. I had a little piece of purple ribbon left over so I added that to set this card off. I then stamped & embossed the words "hello friend". Well that is enough fun for one day as it is now "lunch time" and my dh and doggie are letting me know they are being "starved" with me in here. (Yeah right - we all need to diet a bit more.) Enjoy and leave a comment (good or bad as I learn from you all).

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week has been a rather productive week for me, so I just wanted to share with you what I've made so far. Enjoy and leave a comment if you so desire. Now I'm off to play some more.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I received a plate of new stamps from Heather Adams of Faerie Song stamps (you can find them at the following link: ) She has some marvelous stamps that are deeply etched and so easy to work with. After coloring the dragon with my prisma pencils and mineral spirits, I saw that I had made a boo boo or two by color "outside" of the lines. (I know send me back to coloring class 101 - I deserve it...LO) . Well, I decided to cut him out and "layer" him with foam tape which in itself was a feat - sooooo many little areas and such a wide piece of tape I had to cut down. I then needed a "background" so I looked in my trusty stash and found one that was the right color and possibly the theme I had in mind. I made the background some time ago, and I believe it was the " AI smoosh Technique". You put several colors of AI on an acetate folder along with a couple of dabs of silver AI Metallics and you close the folder, brayer over it, then open it back up, take 2 pieces of glossy cardstock and put them (with their glossy sides outward) inside the folder and brayer over it again. WoW - you get a "smooshed" very pretty look. I then put them onto a "cantaloupe" color card stock which was affixed to a purple card stock card. I think it all came out pretty good, except I think I need to add something, but not sure what. If you have a suggestion, please post your suggestion. Thank you in advance for your suggestions, and leaving a comment.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's been a "grey" looking day out, soooooooooo I thought I'd work on some of the Gesso backgrounds and make a couple of ATC's for swapping. After making the "rose" one (stamp from I Brake for Stamps), I decided I really don't like how it turned out. I'll have to do some more "thinking" about this one. The other ATC background made me think of lily pads, sea horses, you name it - anything aquatic - hence the outcome. I'm a bit more pleased with this one. I still have some backgrounds left, so the next will be to make some cards. Now to find the time to do it. I hope you will enjoy and thank you for leaving a comment if you so choose to do so.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Yesterday I needed a bit of relaxation, so I decided to try a new technique. Yes, you guessed it - old miss prissy got messy...LOL You might say I almost stuck to my art before getting through creating. I didn't follow the "exact" instructions for this technique as I didn't have any Stazon Ink - some day I'm going to have to get over my fear of this ink. If you would like to have the "correct" info go to the following link.
(Well at least I hope that link still works.)
How I made these "ugly ducklings" (you know the story - ugly came out looking beautiful) was as follows:
Supplies: Gesso
Foam Brush
Watercolor paper
Stazon Ink
Heat Gun (or a lot of patience to have it dry over night - which I didn't have)
1) I first cut a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of watercolor paper in half. I then coated one half with a very thick coating of Gesso.
2) I applied the second half of the watercolor paper on top of this and "Smooshed" (technical term) the two together.
3) When I thought all was covered on both halves I then pulled the papers apart. By doing this it left peaks and valleys, lines, and squiggles all over and I was one happy camper.
4) I then proceeded to dry this "mess" by using my heat gun at some distance away from the paper. (Note: this will take some time to dry even using the heat gun.) After what I thought was all day, it all became dry to the touch.
5) Since I didn't have the Stazon Ink that it called for, I used Nick Bantok inks in the blue, purple, and green, and applied them DTP technique.
6) After applying these inks, I about got ill to my stomach as I sure didn't like what I saw. (The ugly duckling part.)
7) I figured I had nothing to loose, and that round file was sitting by my left foot, so I got out the foam brush (that I just cleaned), and started "blending" the ink. I started in one corner, kept on going, and the further I went the better I like all of this. (The beautiful swan part.)
8) I let all of this dry.
9) I saw an image I had already colored and cut out sitting on my desk, so one thing led into another and viola' an ATC is born. (Can't show you that one as I'm waiting to swap this on one of the Inky Fun Stampers swaps. )
I'm still trying to put together other things with this technique that is already done, so more will come on another posting.
I hope you enjoyed viewing my feeble attempts and if you did please leave me a comment. Have a creative weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Yesterday and today I'm playing in my craft room and wow does this feel good. I didn't realize how soothing to my nerves this would be. I felt as if I were getting stampers block until some of the Inky Fun Stampers members gave me suggestions. It sure is hard getting back into a routine when you've been on vacation, then coming back home and ending up in the emergency room (previously mentioned). Today is a new beginning for me as I go to the doctor and most importantly I'm on the road to creating my art again.
The "Goddess" card was made for Heather Adams of Fairy Art Song in an Inky Fun Stampers swap. The fairy is one of her stamps as is the wordage. Her stamps are so detailed which makes them so very easy and fun to work with. I'm hoping she'll like her card. For the background I used dtp Color Box Petal Point pigment inks. The stamps were from Fairy Art Song with the exception of the water lilies and the cat-tails as I hand drew and cut these out. I colored the images with Prisma Color Pencils and mineral spirits. What can I say on my first attempt at doing this type of art...but I'll keep trying this one.
The Thank You card is for the Emergency Room personnel at our very small Salem AR hospital. They were so very kind to myself and my dh. I told them I rubber stamped, but for the non-rubber stamper they don't fully grasp the idea. Maybe I can make some converters this way....LOL. The cutout image is from Della Warr of I Brake for Stamps which are some of the very best detailed and deeply etched stamps which (again) makes them so very easy and fun to work with. I colored the image with Prisma Colored pencils and mineral spirits. For the backgrounds I used the Color Box petal point pigment inks in a dtp fashion. I used some very small blue brads, and this was all done on water color paper. The "Thank You" stamp I don't remember where I purchased this - probably from a LSS in Mesa AZ (which is now out of business I hear - very sad). I chose to layer this all on a cream colored card stock. The rose image is "lifted" with foam tape. I do hope the ER personnel will enjoy this as I don't think they get many "hand created" art.
Well, I'm off to get myself gathered together for the day. Enjoy and please leave a comment.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


On Monday, July 7th, 2008, I went to bed but couldn't sleep. Got up and sat in my chair and fell asleep again, only to be awakened with chest pains around 12:30 a.m. The humidity has been horrible around here, and not being able to breathe (felt as if I was trying to breathe in water) most of these past couple of weeks. With all of that and feeling like I had an anvil sitting on my chest with my left arm becoming numb, I called the paramedics. They checked me over, but thought that since I had an irregular heart beat as well as my blood pressure being high that they should take me to the closest hospital to really get checked out. After being in the ER for almost 3 hours, they sent me home with a "stern" get yourself a good doctor, get your diabetes under control (as the doctor feels I have nueropathy of the legs), and to make a follow up with him this next week. Okay, I have a doctor appointment on the 15th, and after reading about leg nueropathy I don't feel I have it. I feel that I have pinched nerves in my lower back, but we'll see what takes place. I'm trying to get back to my crafting table to send out my swap cards, and to make some more cards, especially thank you cards and sympathy cards.

Friday, June 20, 2008

"D E P R I V A T I O N"

...Deprivation meaning to "keep from having or using"... I've been on vacation for the past month and didn't realize how "deprived" I had become. While visiting family in Iowa, attending grandchildrens graduations and a daughters wedding, I got to visit a scrapbook store called the "Reminice" in Coralville Iowa and bought some absolute gorgeous scrapbook papers let alone a few 'see through' stamps. This store has what I consider one of a kind type of papers and knowing me I just "had" to have some of them. A couple of days later I "visited" the Hobby Lobby store in Coralville Iowa and came away with some marvelous & humorous wood mounted stamps by Stampabilities and others by American Art Stamp. I had a ball picking these stamps out while chuckling and out and out laughing out loud. A clerk came by to see what all the hilarity was and she too ended up chuckling with me. Of course a new mini mall was built since we were last in Coralville, and yep you guessed it - a Michaels Store. Okay, I'm still feeling a bit "deprived" so in I went and found some more stamps, and papers. WOW I felt like I had just died and gone to heaven. I also purchased some more papers, and ooooohed and aaaaahed over the Martha Stewart products, let alone the rest of the "pretties" in that store. I'm still trying to get used to the idea of being back in AR with all of my goodies piled high on my crafting table crying out to be played with, but that will be for another day. Right now it is "nap" time, so please if you wish, leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well it is about time - May has finally arrived and are we ever happy. It is vacation time for us. We are going to have reunions with our families, a welcome home for a marine grandson, a wedding, and 4 graduations to attend. I think this is called "party time"....LOL I'm taking some of my crafting stuff along (if I could take my whole room I would), the immediate crafting stuff will be up front with me so I can color &/or cut out things as my dh is driving along the interstates. We have the car just about packed to the hilt, and we still have our little doggies stuff to "squeeze" in there too. Sometimes we consider buying a "van" to haul all of our "prized possessions" but that just means there would be more "stuff" to pack and unpack. With all of that said and done, I'm now going to wish one and all a very fun filled and creative time of your own. See you on the trailways..........

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Took Some Time Out

I did manage to get some studio time tonight and made these cards. You can't really read the words on the "graduation" card, but it says in gold embossed letters "Congratulations". Saw this as a take off or "casing" of another card that was made with toile paper, with ribbons and flowers. The other card is a birthday card made by using stamps from I Brake From Stamps and stamping with versa mark onto a magazine cover that featured tiny purple etc. flowers, and embossing it with silver embossing powder. I don't remember the name of the papers I used - sorry. On the inside I stamped in a matching darker purple ink, "May your birthday be fille with Many blessings." The stamp is from Stampabilities GR1086. Now that I'm relaxed, I'm off to slumberland. Leave a comment if you care to, and have a creative rest of the week.