Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well the weather man sure has played a mean trick on us here in AR. We are suppose to be in the "southern" states, but it is so cold here that we have even caught head/chest colds. Bahhh Hum Bug!!! We enjoyed a very quiet Thanksgiving with me being in bed or at least laying down for the most part to "heal" from my aches and pains of this cold. We took my dear husband to the doctor this past week and found out that he has an enlarged heart, and it is pressing against his lungs which in turn makes him breathe in a rather shallow way. Of course that triggers a "tickle" in his throat so he is sore and has aches and pains from this condition. He is suppose to go and see a Pulmonologist in February, but I think I'm going to call the doctor on Monday to see if he can't get in sooner as he is not getting any better. He's been on some pretty strong anti-biotics but they don't seem to be working. I'm really getting concerned for him. He did get to talk to his grandson that is in the Marine Corps and his grandson that is attending college at Iowa State University. Both boys are doing great and dh really felt good after speaking with them. I had to do most of the talking as he started to cough again, and when that happens he coughs quite a long time. Both boys (brothers) were home to visit their families over the Thanksgiving Holidays, and we sure wish we could have been there to see them. I should go and get some rest, but my crafting table is calling to me, as well as this blog needs some more eye candy uploaded to it so I shall go and play a bit more. Enjoy and have a creative weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A nap will do me wonders...LOL I awoke with some vigor and made these two ornaments. The one in "blue" was my first one so I call it my "prototype". The second one makes up the "center" of this one. The cone shapes on this one were 3 inch squares attached to a "recycled" CD. The center of this blue one was done with 1 1/2 inch squares to make up the cones. I then affixed these to a circle of blue scrap card stock, which then was attached to the larger (outer one) with foam tape. In the center of all of this I affixed a silver paper with a blue card stock on top of it. Okay, now I like this look so onward to something else.
I have had two "glitzy" huge shopping bags (one red and one green) that I have had for at least 5 years just hanging around in my crafting closets, sooooooooooooo I put them to use. My husband was nice enough to measure and cut very carefully these shopping bags so I can get the most use out of each of them. (He is soooooooooooo handy to have around, and he puts up with my "...honey I have a project for you plllleeeezzzzzeeeee...") Hence I made the green ornament from a shopping bag. This one was made with 1 3/4 inch squares attached to some green card card stock then it was all attached to a CD. I felt it needed something so I deckle cut a white circle then atop that I attached a green circle, and viola' it was done.
These ornaments and as many more as I can make between now and Saturday morning, will be given to my Diabetic/Health Wellness Support Group to decorate a Christmas tree that will be placed in our local Hotel Hill High to be judged by our community. Saturday morning our group is meeting at our home to complete these ornaments with health items, diabetic items, &/or exercise items. Wish me luck to get enough of them done. Well, back to making more ornaments. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


Today was a day that I went to my Chiropractor and now I really feel great. I even feel lots better now that I'm sitting in "my room" creating. I received from Debbie Littlejohn of Reasonable Ribbon ( ) some absolutely gorgeous ribbon. After creating the Santa Claus, it just needed something and yep - the red velvet ribbon just hit the spot. With the "snowflake" Cuttlebug folder, I created the card, then stamped the Santa Clause stamp (unknown origin), colored it with water colors using my Derwent water color pencils (love these pencils), and affixed Santa with foam tape to the snowflake card. The scan does not do this card justice. While I'm in playing, my dear husband is outside having fun with the "zillions" of leaves that are on the ground. He'll have to come in soon as lunch is almost ready, and he'll have to get permission from the City to burn the leaves. Of course there is always time for a well deserved nap, and his leaves and my playing are just going to have to wait. Once I get up after resting, look out ribbons here I come.

Monday, November 17, 2008


In between taking an AARP driving seminar (to lesson our car insurance), I've been able to play with some of my Christmas stamps. I did manage to "salvage" a Wal Mart Glitter Acrylic Squish technique I tried. I had these cute little House Mouse stamps so on they went on the technique card. Somehow, those little critters just happen to scream out at me to put them there...LOL
The "Noel" card (stamp from I Brake for Stamps - ) is made with Alcohol Inks on Glossy card stock (Caramel & Cranberry with Gold alcohol inks) and "smooshed" onto my work sheet. I then ran this through my Wizard and Snowflake Cuttlebug folder. The "Noel" stamp is stamped on pinkish/red card stock with white embossing powder from Martha Stewart's line of ink pads, and sprinkled with glitter and heat set. This was placed atop a square of white card stock. I then randomly affixed three pewter looking snowflakes to complete the card. I have done about 18 more Christmas cards all with different techniques and ideas, and I still have a lot more to go.
I hope you are enjoying my attempts at this Rubber Stamping Art and will come back to take a peek now and again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


After an exhausting day yesterday, I took time to play this afternoon. I made this Christmas card - simple, but quick. Yesterday I had to take my husband to Jonesboro AR to the hospital for an Echo Gram. We started out early in the morning, went to Target first, and the first thing I did was to hit the dollar aisle and found several wonderful crafting items. One of the items I found were some Christmas cookie cutters that I can use with my melting pot - see Suze Weinberg of . I haven't had my melting pot out for awhile and I'm hoping I remember how to use it so I can make Suze proud of me...LOL After Target we went to the hospital for my husbands test, which didn't last long enough for me to even get out all of my coloring toys. (I take pre-stamped images along to color while I wait for someone - it whiles away the time, plus it starts up some great conversations). We then went on to Hobby Lobby where I found some marvelous new toys to play with, plus some much needed replenishes to my paper stock...LOL. We of course had to stop at the Lowes store, and wouldn't you know it, they don't carry the Ryobi leaf blower replacement bag. I think my poor husband is devastated as he's been gerry-rigging this leaf blower for the past year. Maybe Santa will hear his plea and find one on line for him. It was a heavenly day, but for the rain. It rained and I'm not talking about a steady rain, I'm talking about a downpour. We drove all the way to Jonesboro (which by the way is about 2 hours from our home) in it, had to run between the raindrops to get into the stores and back out again. We finally arrived back home with our great purchases (trunk full), amidst fog. My poor husband who did all of the driving was wore out from being so tense, so he went to bed quite early. Can't say I blame him though. It is now my bedtime tonight as I have a huge running day again tomorrow. Hope you all have a creative weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I got up to a cancelled Chiropractic appointment, plus it was raining, just a dismal day. What to do? I came into my studio and decided that I should get my Christmas cards started. On Inky Fun Stampers, , we have a swap that calls for using non-traditional colors for a Christmas card. Once I got started with this, it seemed I was hooked. I dug out all of my Christmas stamps and the first one I saw was the "Holiday Snow globe Rubber Stamp Set" by Plaid Enterprises ( ). Well, you know if you have a globe you just have to cut out the center of the globe and replace that with an acetate sheet to see through. I really didn't want to make a Shaker card, so what to do. 1) gather a non-traditional color of card stock; 2) stamp the globe in black Memories ink, and emboss with clear embossing powder on the front of the card as well as another same size/color as the front of the card; 3) color the base with Derwent Water color pencils; 4) cut out circle (or if you have a punch that size that would be better) in front of card and also the single piece being sure you have "lined" up the globe holes; 5) cut out a small circle (slightly larger than the globe hole) from acetate (clear transparency) and glue this over the hole; 6) Glue in place your single sheet that you have prepared in step 2, by carefully aligning the single sheet on the reverse side of the front of the card stock; 7) stamp snowman with clear Versa Mark ink on a calendar page full of purple flowers, and then sprinkle embossing glitter and heat set; 8) Stamp your "Greetings of the Season" in purple ink and emboss; 9) Stamp the words "Happy Holidays" on the inside of your card below the snowman with purple ink and emboss; 10) affix ribbon with E6000 glue (good holding power) onto the base of the globe; 11) encircle the globe with "Icicle" Stickles glitter glue; and viola' you're done. This is how both cards were made. I must say these are a bit time consuming but really look nice - if I may pat myself on my own back...LOL Thanks for looking and enjoy a creative week.

Monday, November 10, 2008


The photos of the above are of the "Acrylic Squish" technique that can be found on Inky Fun Stampers - Technique File ( ). The one on the left is using red green and yellow Washable Acrylic Glitter Paints from Wal Mart as is the one on the right except I used purple orange and green paints. The "sparkles" or bits of white or gold flecks are the "glitter" in the paint. As the name implies, you put down some acrylic paint on a sheet of glossy card stock, and then take another sheet of glossy card stock and place this on top of the paint and squish the two sheets together and then pull apart (which gives you the ripple effect). I'm not sure what I'll be doing with them, but for now they are just sitting and drying. I'll make up my mind after they are dry. If you have any suggestions for them, give me a shout. Have a creative day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ah yes, fall is in the air and I've been
creating fall cards.
The "brown" one was created by spritzing Walnut Ink by Tsukineko ( ) on white card stock. In the middle I stamped a maple leaf in black Memories Ink and clear embossing powder, then cut out the leaf up to the embossed edges. (I did not have a leaf punch hence the stamping, embossing and cutting.) On another piece of white card stock I taped 5 different colors of ribbon and attached this to the back of the Walnut Inked card stock. I then stamped leaves on orange card stock and some left over Walnut Ink card stock, cut them out and glued them onto the card stock. I then applied a ribbon (From Seasons Bobbin Ribbon) that says "Autumn Leaves" with different orange colored leaves on it, and also placed a clip embellishment onto the ribbon and attached all with E6000 glue. I then affixed all of this to a white card. I made several of these cards to mail out to friends & family.
The next card I made was a "business type card"...LOL I stamped the card stock with the stamp by Stampers Happen, Inc. ( ) called "Amish" which takes a bit of doing as it is a largish stamp. To color the scene I used my water color pencils by Derwent ( ) and I really enjoy using these pencils as I can get a lot or as little color as I wish to use. After coloring the stamped image I affixed it with double sided tape to an orange card stock and then onto the white card. I off set the so I could add a "silk leaf" that I purchased from the Dollar Store, and over the leaf I added the ribbon of Autumn Leaves as listed above.
Simple cards, but the message to my family and friends on the inside is heart felt from myself and my husband. I hope you enjoy what I have created.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


WOW, what a long time ago (or so it seems) that I've made an entry here. Between listing our home for sale (again), having four of our daughters visit, and then doing some remodeling of our home (new patio doors & a couple new windows), we then proceeded to come down with the flu bug. I got it first - past it on to my dear husband, and of course we had to share it again. Sooooo, to make this short - I've not been at my computer let alone my crafting table.
This past week has been a very busy one, but I did manage to squeeze in some play time. On Inky Fun Stampers ( ) we have a "stamping challenge" presented by Susan Chong, and this months challenge is Christmas Ornaments. I have uploaded the "clear glitter and the red ink" ornaments I have made. They sure don't show well in these photos, but hopefully you can tell what I was trying to accomplish. It was fun making them, even though it was a bit "messy"...LOL
I also made a couple of cards - the floral one is part of a "make ten" group of cards. The flowers are from an old calendar page, and I used some of my "new" lace as a type of background. I have so many old calendars that I'm trying to come up with new ways to use them. Got any suggestions, I'm listening.
The Polar Bear card I used a holographic glossy card stock and I spread embossing fluid on it, then I spread some clear embossing powder atop that and heat set it. I did this about three more times, so I could get the "crackle" finish to it. I stamped the polar bears from I Brake For Stamps onto a sheet of white paper and tried highlighting different spots on them. I then proceeded to cut out some "snow flakes" from some card stock that I purchased from a store keeper in Mountain Home. The "flag" I hand drew and colored in. I attached white ribbon to the bottom of the card as an appearance of an ice flow. This card isn't my favorite, but it is an experimentation of the Cracked Look (can't think of the original name). Plus you can't tell, but in different spot on this card some of the embossing didn't take so there are patches that look like "ice flows" (if you use your imagination...) LOL.
Well I do hope you will come back and visit and leave me a note. Thank you for looking.